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Title: A Hard Knight's Work
Artist: manuushuu / Shuufleur
Author: guineamania
Fandom: The Man From UNCLE
Characters/Pairings: Illya Kuryakin/Gaby Teller
Rating/Category: G
Warnings Mild Violence but nothing graphic, mild description of torture (similar scale to the film)
Summary: Napoleon Solo is King Carlton's best knight, a supposedly reformed convict serving his king until his sentence runs out. This mission is the biggest yet as Napoleon is sent to hunt down the imprisoned Anglian Princess Gabriella Teller and rescue her from her tower. However his journey across land and oceans doesn't progress as smoothly as he hoped. Napoleon meets thieves and pirates along his journey.

On the last leg he stumbles upon the Sarmatian Prince, Illya Kuryakin and they agree to a tense truce until they reach the castle and tower that Princess Gabriella was imprisoned in. During this journey they discover a kinship and fight together when the times get rough. After rescuing the princess together, a compromise is brokered to save both men from their prisons.

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Art title: In Abeyance | Art on AO3
Author: [ profile] reeby10
Fandom: Supernatural
Warnings: None.
Bragging Rights: Wow, ok. This could have gone so wrong because I thought I still had time to finish the art. Fortunately, my muse decided that it was the right time to wake up. I can now show you the art I made for Reeby10's fic! I hope you enjoy it! :)

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Art title: Ronan Lynch Things | Art on AO3
Author: boywholivednotdied
Fandom: The Raven Cycle
Warnings: None.
Bragging Rights: The Raven Cycle is a book series I didn't know about. It was challenge for me to try and make photoshop edits for a book/book series. But I had fun trying (and sometimes failing) to render something on par with the fanfic (which is cute by the way, read it!).

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Art title: Fresh Start | Art on AO3
Author: [ profile] biffelderberry
Fandom: The Flash
Warnings: None.
Bragging Rights: I didn't know I wanted a Cisco/Hartley fic. Now I do. It was fun to do art for The Flash! Especially the polaroids. First time I've tried it so new territory and all. I hope [ profile] biffelderberry likes my art since I didn't have any news lately.

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Art title: A Cougar and His Pride | Art on AO3
Author: [ profile] outercorner
Fandom: The Losers
Warnings: Uh, none.
Bragging Rights: So first Big Bang as an artist for me! It was a new challenge and I really liked it! It's fun to try to stick to the story (especially since I'm only using photoshop.) I loved The Losers movie and I've bought the comics soon after I got the fanfic so I'm happy I could do art for [ profile] outercorner!

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