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Day 13

In your own space, write about a moment in fandom that meant a lot to you.  Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

The first great moment in my fannish world was when I discovered Sims stories (I was 11 or 12). Kidding, it’s not a great moment (even though I loved Sims stories at the time).

No, one of the best moment for me is when I received my first review on my first fanfiction (2007). I was so nervous/happy someone read and commented something I wrote, it was great but scary. I always squee a little when I see people’s comments on my work but it will never be like that first time. It felt like an accomplishment at the time, some kind of recognition.

Another great moment in fandom life was when I joined my first fannish forum, around 2009 (a French forum Newsasia focusing on dramas - Korean, Japanese, and a bit of Taiwanese). I met many wonderful people with whom I shared the love for the same things. I didn’t write any fanfics on dramas but it felt so good to have people liking, reccing dramas and just being so nice to newbies (like me). I even met one of my favourite person in real life through this forum. I stopped going by end of 2010, and it closed in 2012. I was pretty sad when I found out it did: I had a lot of good memories there.

For instance, I started a writing challenge. The rules were simple: you have to include 10 random words (given by the previous player) in your text, and the text had to be at least 100 words long. That’s where I met my friend, we kinda became the only two people playing this game - we created our own crazy universe with our crazy characters. I had so much fun that I kept my “texts”.

.:: ::.

Day 14

Go forth and commit an act of kindness. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it, tell us about it if you’re comfortable doing so.

I gave a bit of money to homeless people. So, I guess I did it.


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