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Day 4

Comment to someone you haven't ever interacted with before or introduce yourself to someone you've interacted with and friend/follow them. Afterwards, leave a comment in this post with the equivalent of "I did it!"

Friending Meme Post

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Day 5

In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Let's go with my favorite fanfics of all time.

Nihil Inherit by ratherastory, a Supernatural fanfic.
Whatever you do, you will always end up... here.
In May of 2007, Sam Winchester wakes up in his own grave, but digging himself out is the least of his worries. He's plagued by the psychic visions which have returned with renewed intensity and which all but threaten to cripple him. He reunites with Dean, only to find that the Yellow-Eyed Demon is still at large, about to put his world-ending plans into motion. A mysterious figure who know much more than he ought dogs Sam's footsteps, hinting at darker things to come. Soon Sam and Dean find themselves on a path that feels frighteningly familiar: toward Lilith, Lucifer, and the Apocalypse. Unable to shake the certainty that he's seen all of this before, Sam knows that this is his one chance to set things right, or die trying. => Read the tags!

Here There Be Monsters by AlElizabeth, a Supernatural & Criminal Minds crossover fanfic.
This series is based on a crossover between Supernatural and Criminal Minds. The fanfics are set in Season 7 for both shows. They focus on the worlds of human monsters colliding with the world of non-human ones and see both the BAU and the Winchesters coping with the realities of both.

Triskelion Crescent by seventymilestobabylon, a Stony, MCU + characters from Young Avengers fanfic.
Steve Rogers runs a flower shop. Tony Stark owns a real estate company (eh, and it probably does other stuff too, like it's got "Industries" in the title) that's sniffing around Steve's neighborhood of Triskelion Crescent with an eye to building new developments. Triskelion Crescent fights back. (Epistolary)

Of Ghosts and Men by stardust_made, a Supernatural + Sherlock Crossover fanfic.
A year after Sherlock Holmes's death John Watson returns to 221B Baker Street hoping to turn a new leaf. He finds that a stranger has come to town—while John was gone Sam Winchester moved in to the flat below. John's interest is piqued, but he isn't the only one curious in the household. Both men are trying to come to terms with their past, but as is often the case the past refuses to stay away. Sam and John are taken on a journey where adventures and revelations are going to put new and old relationships to test.

Gold and Glory, Heart and Home by Footloose, a Merthur, Merlin Western AU fanfic.
Some men went West for gold and glory. Other men went West to run from their ghosts.
Other men... simply ran. They ran West seeking new lives that were better than the ones they'd left behind, always afraid that someone or something would drag them back to their pasts.
And Arthur... Arthur had gone West, and he didn't stop until he found his heart and home.

Strange and Beautiful by remivel, a Sastiel (Supernatural) AU fanfic.
Even at 11 years old, Sam could tell. Could see that Cas liked him, but not as much as he liked Dean, and could see that Cas will never look at him the way he looked at Dean. It bothered him. For he had never been jealous of anything his brother had. Never. Until Castiel walked through their door.
Fast forward 17 years into the future, Sam, now 28, had just landed a job as an associate at Milton Adler, one of Manhattan’s largest law firms. He was ready to impress his new employers and start making a name for himself as a lawyer, except he soon found out that his new boss was none other than Castiel, his brother’s high school best friend and Sam’s first love. Sure, they were close before, but Sam was young and foolish then, and they ended up growing apart. Now, things were becoming very awkward for Sam, because Cas wasn’t showing signs that he knew him at all, and Sam was beginning to realize that his first love never really went away, even after all these years.

And many, many more. I'm forgetting some but that's it for now. (/tries to stop looking through her delicious account)
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